Sept 14 2023- What Woke Parents Have Wrong About Other Parents’ Rights

With the PC platform roll-out resembling tactical chess and the Manitoba NDP’s coming across as playing checkers, the aspirations of the opposition increasingly rely on doorstep conversions in discussions with voters.

An unexpected addition to the kitchen table conversations during the campaign is the volatile issue of “parental rights”.

Amplified by heated dismissals of cautious traditional approaches to sexuality lessons as “anti-LGBTQ” and clouded with confusing terminology around gender, sex, biology and identity, the rising debate about education policy pitches parents against parents.

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With the 1 Million March 4 Children coming up across the country on Sept. 20 – including Winnipeg – there are going to be divisive headlines smearing demonstrations as “far-right hate.” A CBC “expert” claimed: “the politicization of the rights of gender diverse youth in that safe space and the “kind of moral panic” surrounding legislative decisions is “extremely dangerous and is in itself a form of bullying.”

Don’t be fooled by the media.

10:05 – Part 2 As Marty Gold explains, parents in Manitoba see what’s happening in Ontario- where woke educator gatekeepers judge historic literature through their DEI lens.

That’s how Anne Frank’s diary, Harry Potter, and other classics got junked by Peel District school board librarians- but novels with graphic sex are alloted plenty of shelf space. Parents went up the ladder seeking accountability and got stonewalled.

As Lorrie Goldstein warns, “Don’t be deceived by claims ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ was tossed from libraries in Peel schools due to a misunderstanding. The book has long been a target of ‘woke’ educators.”

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In New Brunswick and Saskatchewan parents must provide consent for a transgender/non-binary child under 16 to use a different name and pronouns at school.

The Tory election promise to empower Manitoba parents has resonance for some. For others, “a sign that says ‘Fighting for parental rights’ is actually a less-cruel-sounding way of saying ‘fighting against human rights for certain people.”

A passionate ally of Pride and trans issues cited that quote in an online discussion; that opened a window into the mindset of ‘woke’ parents (and by extension teachers, administrators and school boards).

Which human right do they say they’re protecting when they oppose ‘parental rights’?

“The right to privacy”

Episode 6 asks – Do kids have a “privacy right” in school? A right to change their pronouns or gender identity without informing parents?

The argument was, keeping what is taught and encouraged at school a secret is justifiable – because “many parents don’t have access to their children because they will harm them.”

Marty does some math on that wild exaggeration – and analyzes what wokethinkers believe the parental rights of those “giving birth” and raising a toddler does NOT include. The opposing view:

“Until a child is 18 their parents have a right to know what is going on in their lives. That’s irrefutable. It should be law. #mbpoli”

33:30 – Part 3: We look at the school books and resources at the root of the conflict.

Graphic novels, fiction, how-to books like a ‘queer’ version of Little Red Riding Hood for 4 year olds- Marty walks through explicit examples of photos, drawings and lessons. Is expressing worries about schools guiding minors to kinks, porn, and “sexy adventures” an attack on ‘rights’?

Hear our analysis of the battle between parents who want school boards and politicians to “Let Kids Be Kids” facing activists who think that children are ‘threatened’ by parents wanting the Criminal Code enforced.


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