Sept 4 2023- EXCLUSIVE: Andrew Marquess Tells His Story

Welcome to the kick-off episode for Season 3, which coincides with the launch of, the new home for public affairs in Winnipeg.

You’ll hear all about it before our exclusive interview with Andrew Marquess of Gem Equities, the businessman at the centre of the biggest news story of the summer.

We covered the Marquess case extensively on ⁠July 19 2023 – There’s 101 Reasons Why Winnipeg Council Must Review Orlikow’s Role In $5M Court Ruling⁠

It is a big deal – beyond the millions at risk – because of what the Court found had gone on at City Hall:

“Of particular concern is that on a few occasions concerns were raised by individuals in the public service about conduct that was deemed inappropriate, and notwithstanding that, the conduct of some parties continued.

The evidence is also clear, in my view, that the impetus and motivation for this deliberate interference with the plaintiffs’ applications were primarily the wishes and demands of the area councillor, and the desire of some public servants to accommodate those wishes.”

You can read the court decision here


In Part 1 of a 3-part interview, Marty Gold asks Andrew Marquess to discuss what King’s Bench Justice Shauna McCarthy read, saw and heard, and what wasn’t believed.

“It’s not really about me, but generally the public doesn’t think that City Hall is going to be fighting against them, trying to intentionally harm them.”

Hear what the first clues were for the developer that he was getting ‘special treatment’ that rose to the level of misfeasance in public office and why the Court rejected alibis about why the 1900-unit Fulton Grove neighborhood build was slow-walked and stalled to affect the value of the Parker Lands,

Marquess tells about a meeting Orlikow participated in, the denial of City intentions to grab up to 25% of his land, and the attempts of an honest city planner to get the project moving being stymied.

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13:11 – The Marquess interview resumes with Marty Gold honing in on the behind-the-scenes actions of the bureaucrats the Court fould liable for causing financial harm to Gem Equities, and Orlikow’s role.

The Court found they tried to tamp down possible City expropriation costs by inventing limitations on what the developer could build – not a legitimate Planning Dept. consideration- and TGCTS reports that it’s about to backfire at yet another hearing.

Andrew Marquess also responds to the criticism of him being a “private sector capitalist” from our podcast on July 26, Coun. Eadie Defends Orlikow After Integrity Commissioner Asked To Investigate

“I’m the bad guy for exposing something that’s going on at City Hall.”

(Note: This interview was taped prior to the City filing an appeal; we expect further comment from Marquess later this week)

25:31 – Marty wraps up the episode and previews Part 2 of our exclusive: If you think $5M is a lot of money, you won’t believe how bad the City could get hammered at an upcoming hearing for the Parker Lands retention pond expropriation.

For taxpayers, Part 2 and then Part 3 of the Andrew Marquess interview will be a can’t-miss lesson in how unfair and illlegal practices has led developers and financers to look to Calgary and other municipalities to build – and how it makes life more expensive for you.

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