Sept. 19 2023- Stefanson’s Mining Policies “A Good First Step”, Says Mihychuk

Episode 9 features the return of the Crime Courts and Public Safety update! It’s overdue after being squeezed out by election news and our exclusive discussion with Andrew Marquess about beating City Hall in court- but with 5 murders piled up and some near-misses to reconstruct we get right down to business!

Part 1 starts out with a review of our unique election content and interviews available at, and coming up – we’ve heard about some ridings being back in play. It seems the MSM has dialed back the ‘doomed to lose’ narrative about the Manitoba Conservatives.

What are the possible reasons for the NDP to reconsider being connected to union honchos policing “parental rights of their own members? Voices on the ground, many usually sympathetic to the Orange, are warning of the rebound against Wab Kinew’s stance on a landfill search- and of him calling people opposed to our schools keeping secrets from parents “divisive.”

Marty Gold then explains how the election campaign itself, is now part of the crime report. Vandalism of signs numbers in the thousands, in high-stakes ridings. A very low form of intimidation.

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The opening act this summer was a city-wide theft spree by 2 accused, fencing off high-priced eyewear. And now topping the bill – FIVE Murders in a row, by gunshot.

Marty describes the criminal background of some of the accused, which seems to directly confirm what PC candidate Rejeanne Caron told us. Released on ‘conditions’ that are totally ignored, repeat offenders are let free under amendments to the Criminal Code made by the Trudeau government with federal NDP support. Who are the judges that released these pathological criminals who go on to ruthlessly kill? The media never tells us.

And the body count could easily have exceeded a half-dozen, what with an unexploded IED discovered in the suite of one of the deceased. Who was the bomb for?

TGCTS connects the locations street by street with their wards, and then with the councilors. How do these murders affect the surrounding neighbors? None of the councilors seem to ask.

31:10 – Two other violent assaults almost added to the body count. One was a 4 AM shooting in South Point Douglas (with a ghost gun) where a half-dozen court prohibitions proved useless. The other incident, in St. Boniface, was even more disturbing, as 3 teens were jumped walking to their car at 3 AM this weekend by a gang of 4 thugs, who remorselessly slashed and stabbed the victims.

You’ll wonder why St. B Councilor Matt Allard didn’t immediately reassure the public, considering where they were jumped: Allard’s highly-touted tourist destination at Tache and Provencher.

Maybe he was busy trying to figure out how to spin the stalled Provencher bike lane plan as a public safety measure.

Lastly, a listener took note of an essay by Police Chief Danny Smyth about downtown safety, and said that while Smyth points to New York tamping down crime years ago, Smyth doesn’t comprehend the basic policing that underpinned that success. Instead, we get our own version of Gotham City.

Coming up: an exclusive interview with a former MLA and MP, about growing Manitoba’s economy and the election promises that have been made.

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