June 20 2023 – “What the hell is wrong with this city?” Swarmings & Stabbings & Try Taking A Bus

Last week we reviewed how St. Boniface Councilor Matt Allard was roasted online after his dismissive attitude to the unacceptable risks that Winnipeg residents face using the Transit system. Since then, he’s received more scorn and derision, as more reasons why taking a bus is unsafe – especially for women – piled up from users and on the police crime blotter.

In Episode 29, hear how some believe that a transit-taking molester in St. Vital may also have targeted women on other routes- including one in Allard’s ward. And a senior citizen told Allard he just bought his first car because he’s tired of seeing fare-jumpers and “seeing fights on the bus.”

Then, our rundown of other recent crimes includes a snubbing of a call about a yard snoop in St. B. and the series of attacks city-wide that renewed use of the term ‘stabby-peg.’ And the horrific incident on the Graham Transit Mall – 2 blocks from police headquarters – proved how accurate our podcast was 2 weeks ago when we said: Violent Marauding Teens- And Pre-Teens – Sowing Fear Across Winnipeg

The swarming of a family after a downtown concert on Saturday by a gang of girls at Graham and Fort left a 17 year old boy lclinging to life and the father asking “What the hell is wrong with this city?”

The boy leaped in to protect his sister: “Four girls jumped her, and that small group… turned into over 10, mostly girls, maybe four boys,” he told the newspaper, “He’s a goddamn hero… He was saving his mom, his sisters and his beautiful woman and baby, without a thought for himself…”–

Only the extraordinary efforts of a nursing student, police, first responders and then HSC ER staff kept the homicide count from climbing even further. Why did people stand by and do nothing, asked the father. The level of savagery of the teenaged mob is a likely answer.

The real question is- which adults are responsible for the suspects? Are any of them wards of CFS? Have priors? Does the public have a right to know?

Of course they do, and the public will continue to have a justified fear of going downtown, being downtown, waiting at bus stops, and taking a bus. Will Allard and city council get the hint finally and do something?

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21.12 Part 2 – a peek at upcoming stories:

Another contentious Open House is set for Thursday night as the Batlle over St. Boniface bike lanes opens a new front. We will be there to see for ourselves what will be said as the Biz group on Provencher joins the chorus of the business owners on Marion and Goulet that the rigged city consultation process “should not proceed without ensuring the input and feedback from the very businesses that contribute to the unique character of our community.” (To get a copy of the statement from the Board of the Provencher Biz, email martygoldlive@gmail.com)

More about recent provincial riding result guesstimates, and a recommendation for a Twitter account that our listeners should follow that has great insights into the upcoming Manitoba election: https://twitter.com/mbelxn

The Province suffered a big reversal in the Court of Appeal, as the bullying tactics of former Premier Brian Pallister may have gone too far – and we will have much more to say on this soon, as we covered this situation from the very beginning.

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