June 12 2023 – Who Let Him Back on Winnipeg Streets? Olive Garden Stabber Previously Set Fire at St. Boniface Hospital

Some of the best, most informed feedback on local current affairs is found in the social media comments of common sense observers whom the MSM dares not to amplify. You’ll hear from them in Episode 27, as public disorder is out of control while the failed health care and justice system sets the stage for more.

Robert Allan Ingram was on the radar even before setting over a dozen fires- and endangering people inside St. Boniface Hospital causing $250,000 damage – in May 2020.

CBC reported that Marion Willis of Morberg House, no stranger to our show, did everything she could after Ingram came to their program the previous year to help him…

“She said last time Ingram was hospitalized, her staff tried to urge the hospital not to discharge him, warning that they feared “he’s going to kill somebody.” ”

Despite being on probation, having a meth addiction, mental health issues, and delusions, Ingram was seemingly still deemed sane enough by the system to wander our streets last week. The result- the 27 year old was “charged with aggravated assault and weapons offences” after “an 18-year-old restaurant worker had serious upper-body stab wounds and got emergency medical aid from bystanders before officers arrived” last Thursday night. {How is that not attempted murder? }

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No one can describe these kinds of crime scenes more effectively than Marty Gold can – the ripple effect on the patrons and employees of the restaurant and on the general community means we have to demand answers. Starting with explaining why, as Marion put it, “This was a young man in desperate need of psychiatric evaluation and long-term clinical psychology services that he could never get.”

You’ll hear a variety of sharp comments and views we gathered, including an observation that saying this attack by Ingram was “unprovoked” may be premature.

Whoever failed his case management almost got that girl at Olive Garden killed. Marty suggests government officials at the highest levels should find out their names, and let the terrified teenager with 3 stab wounds know who they are – so she and her family can ask their own questions.

21:47 – Part 2

You’ll hear a brief recap of the CWE wrestling tour Marty hosted that featured noted Manitoba-born author Vern May, who was making farewell appearances in the wrestling ring throughout Manitoba as the retirement of May’s alter-ego Vance Nevada draws near. CWE events showcase Family Fun For Everyone.

Then, back to business: Want an example of why the outsized influence of far-out, far-left bike lobbyists needs to be reined in at City Hall?


“Hey @cityofwinnipeg. Was just out for a bike ride & stopped by the public washrooms at Central Park but they are all closed. Plus they had a sign that says they not for “the general public”. Who are the public washrooms for? #winnipeg #wpgpoli”

You will be astonished (or maybe not) at Brian Pincott’s smarmy reaction to the common sense explanation from the City Twitter handler. The former Calgary city council member was then schooled by experienced Winnipeggers about how and why we maintain the safety of the wading pool washrooms for our kids.


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