What’s Missing from Mayoral Talk on Crime and Police? Plus Some Candidate News

Episode 15 is a rambling session with Marty and Spirited Kenny that kicks off with Bomber talk! And not just the close game, but the Labour Day Classic telecast. Marty compares it to the great sportscasters he knew and emulated as a teenager and says fans deserve better from the TSN broadcast booth.

7:30 – The details the media miss: The Promenade Cafe closing… where?

We noted issues coming up in this campaign that we pioneered reporting on locally in the past… for instance:

12:50 – Our old favorite, “Where was the public consultation?” The developer in River Park South missed that step. We wonder how it even got onto a Community Committee agenda. Like, how?

18:49 – A few fun facts about St. James contender Kelly Ryback, including a remarkable AWA wrestling connection which also connected to Marty. On a serious note, Ryback also took the time to give a very smart and straightforward answer to Marty’s questions about another beat we covered, used needles on our streets. He clearly pays attention. The WRHA might not be too happy with at his answer, but we were. Kenny has some good points from his time at the Downtown Watch.

Part 2

28:50 – A personal message from Marty: Please read his analysis of the Laith Marouf funding scandal in the Heritage Dept., Trudeau Gov’t Hired Jew-Hater To Train Media In “Anti-Racism”. He goes over the ugly details and says that acceptance of antisemitism within governments and institutions is an alarm bell everyone must heed.

39:19 – There was a rash of new stories about a rash of bike thefts. Even Rick Shone got ripped off. One victim said nothing is safe anymore in Old St.Vital if it isn’t nailed down, and a bike retailer said the only way to keep a bike safe is to lock it up- INDOORS. We discuss how crime has been normalized in this city and why voters won’t tolerate it. As the current rate, 1 out of every 7 Mayoral candidates is a victim of crime during the campaign.

45:45 – A CBC article spoke with Marty’s old boss Kelly Dehn (now in Winnipeg Police Service comms), who gave some insight into police press release practices. The story turned to what candidates for Mayor have said about crime and policing, but didn’t state the real reason it’s on their radar – the level of random senseless violence, which has spread all over the city far beyond the north end and inner city. We run thru the various statements and ideas the candidates in the story have raised.

52:30 – Scott Gillingham wants police to revisit compiling crime data. The problem is, he won’t finger police Chief Danny Smyth for not only discontinuing it but for botching the analysis of the data when it was collected. We assess the proposals of Shaun Loney, Glen Murray and a few others. Have any thus far shown leadership? We say not yet…

1:05.00 – Marty asks why no candidate has said ‘I stand with victims of crime’? Bus assaults, downtown safety, bike theft – the ripple effects spread through this city. A leader has to speak to their fear and their rights BEFORE they become victims. So many teenagers charged with violent crime, who will muster the courage to ask where the adults responsible for them were? And no candidate or councilor has called out Mayor Brian Bowman, who has time to make pie-in-the-face bets about the Bomber game, but can’t bring himself to speak out against the violent senseless murders this summer.

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