“That Poll Was Loney Tunes” / Carjackings, Kidnappings and More Crime

The latest Probe poll was Loney Tunes!

The newsrooms gave no serious analysis to this “poll” (Loney 14/Gillingham 15/Murray 40 = ‘a 25% lead!’) but we did.

-Listen as we break down the numbers, proported to the media and public to have any legitimacy when the undecided borders on 40% (and 8% more won’t vote).
Supplying the media with clickbait and headlines does not serve the electorate.

MSM isn’t being held to account, because when they claim Glen Murray is “frontrunner” with “solid support” in a “poll of 600 online voters”, his actual committed vote is literally, all of 50 people from that original 600. Hear us do the math the media won’t.

– Not many policy announcements had traction so far – but Tom Brodbeck told Free Press readers one that is “doable” is Jenny Motkaluk’s idea to legally seize derilict properties, put them to auction and have landlords rebuild them to rent to the homeless.

– Coun. Cindy Gilory was forced to react to the videos of back lane trash-heaps in her ward by Don Woodstock. Either Gilroy didn’t explain herself properly or she exposed she is clueless after 8 years in office.

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