The 49th Parallel – Patrick Neilan, Given A Curse That Sent Him Into A Coma?

Patrick Neilan has been involved in tons of activism in the last few years. He was heavily involved in rallies against Covid retrictions and mandates, including the convoy in Winnipeg that took root at the Manitoba Legislative building for almost as long as the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa. Soon after that he was heavily involved in Indigenous activism. The Law Lodge teepee, Si-pih-ko, the search the landfill protests and much more. Late last year he was recieving warnings that others around him were trying to use ancient wisdom to place a curse on him. Soon after recieving these warning Patrick found himself in hospital for over a month recovering from a coma and even learning how to walk again. Are curses and/or bad energies or spirits really at play here?
Enjoy the broadcast.

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