Sept 26 2023 Two-Tiered Media Ignores Election Intimidation, Pumps NDP

In Episode 13, we explore the subtle and not-so-subtle ways the Winnipeg media slants headlines and ignores election news inconvenient to their biased election narrative.

And as Marty Gold explains, the cult of celebrity that surrounds Wab Kinew and other NDP champions of ‘antiracism’ within the media is a root cause behind election reporting that falls far short of serving the public good.

This explains how Global did a profile of Kinew without mentioning a syllable about Kinew’s assault of a cab driver or the similar charges involving a spouse. It explains why the Leaders debates were also absent of such questions- and the media hasn’t asked his victims what they think of his suitability to become Premier. The cult worship extends to the media still not reporting that Nahanni Fontaine had an undisclosed name change – and promoted a boycott of white-owned businesses. And, still not reporting that an NDP candidate tried to intimidate her Liberal opponent in Southdale.

Hear why, when compared to the current rules for a Preliminary Disclosure Order, his proposed ‘Unexplained Wealth’ law is a Charter challenge waiting to happen.

18:34 – Kinew has made wild promises about tackling crime and health care. They reflect he’ll say anything to get elected and his caucus are happy to go along with it.

Hear why Shannon Sampert told CJOB “There’s no way he’ll be able to keep any of them.” She had her own dealings with Kinew, when his 2019 election strategy included boycotting two women journalists.

Can you change without making amends? Kinew has convinced his women candidates it doesn’t matter.

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25:42 Part 2 – A study in media bias – Marty tells how he got the story of another grandstanding play by MMIW protesters, who posted online of their misdeeds defacing the Tuxedo constituency office of Premier Stefanson. The mainstream media didn’t report the story for hours. And in the case of CJOB radio the evening TV newscasts, NOT AT ALL.

Why would the media not tell voters that the activists Wab Kinew supports vandalized the Premier’s office on Grant Avenue? Why would they not ask him to denounce the mob intimidation during an election?

While the incident involved the same individuals who’ve been in the news for their destructive and race-baiting antics at Brady landfill and police headquarters, none of the news outlets reported those details The Sun even blamed Stefanson for provoking the attack because she refuses to commit $184M towards a landfill search for bodies. You can be sure they’d never say that if it was Wab Kinew’s office smeared with paint by activists.

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Marty gives more example of the story selection and manipulation of headlines by MSM to influence voters in their favoured, intersectional direction.

Listen to the comments of our listeners about their shock at the photos of the incident- they see a pattern of two-tiered justice and two-tier reporting that started with the destruction of statues at the Legislature, and has continued as *certain* causes and naratives get favoured in the media, while Chief Smyth refuses to enforce the law, lest Nahanni Fontaine and other Marxist heros call him ‘racist’, again.

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