June 6 2023 – Violent Marauding Teens- And Pre-Teens- Sowing Fear Across Winnipeg

A rouges’ gallery of thieves, thugs, gang-bangers and zonked-out zombies are running roughshod on Winnipeg streets.

But among the subsets of violent criminals intimidating peaceful and defenceless residents and businesses, is a grouping that elected officials and the experts chosen by the media refuse to speak of, or ask questions about.

In Episode 26, you will hear a sampling of the muggings and mayhem Winnipeggers are enduring.

Pay special attention to these numbers- 12, 14 (twice), 15, 16, 17, 19.

Those are the ages included in the latest round of accused goons.

Teenagers – especially under the age of majority – and actual ‘youths’ not yet teenaged but just as violent and remorseless. Armed with machetes, knives, bearspray, and a shotgun, in the last ten days the unprovoked mayhem spread far beyond the Main Street strip and Point Douglas where police chief Danny Smyth wants the public to focus on.

Not all involved are under 20, and they get special attention in this podcast too, as Marty describes the reports- from St. Vital and St. Boniface in particular- as bus stop users, cashiers and other teens were targetted and traumatized.

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No one ever talks about who is responsible for these kids – are there parents involved, CFS, the Public Trustee? Why is the community made to suffer for the failures of child welfare workers, Danny Smyth, and the courts? TGCTS will keep demanding accountability and speaking out for the victims- many of them also youths, and senior citizens- and the ripple effect on morale in the community.

Marty also previews some upcoming stories:

Thanks to the unwarranted media attacks on Coun. Jeff Browaty, our 2019 investigation into free needle programs will recap the facts the ‘public health experts’ can’t cover-up with name-calling;

More Bike Lane Battles coming to St. Boniface, with Provencher Blvd. next on the bike lobby list – we continue to stand up for the small businesses, residents and employees in the St. Boniface Hospital district being screwed over by the biased planning process that cut them out;

Ramped-up Provincial election coverage, and contrary to the ‘professional journalists at work’, we will explain why the amazing comeback victory of Danielle Smith in the Alberta election does indeed have resonance in the Manitoba race.

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TGCTS provides institutional memory, decades of experience in the field, roots in the history of the community, and investigative skills to help ensure balance in the public square.

We scored numerous successes for the public interest on 92.9 Kick-FM and with City Circus on Shaw-TV. Those results continue with this podcast series.


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