Wab’s Waffle to the Right Wins

The cult of personality – and what used to be called a high ‘Q’ factor – helped propel Wab Kinew and the NDP to a majority government on Tuesday.

In Episode 16, Marty Gold looks at the Manitoba election, the winner’s careful steps to the right on key platform issues and how a compliant media – as we discussed ⁠here⁠ – was all-in for their former cohort.

Kinew of course, was never described as “heartless” for never apologizing to the cab drivers he ripped off and fought, and he was never described as “heartless” for never apologizing to the common law wife he dragged by the hair after the guests left.

doug to speak with them. Just like it appears they never asked to speak to Kinew’s ex, Tara Hart.

It’s all an extension of the far-left narrative that we analyzed in January – The Stories Winnipeg MSM Tell, and Some They Don’t Tell.

Marty describes the guiding hand of Brian Topp, who successfully camouflaged the dreadful Rachel Notley in Alberta, and then sold the public a kinder and gentler (than the Tories) Manitoba NDP. The dark days of Greg Selinger didn’t present an obstacle and the media gladly played along when former Premier Gary Doer, who apparently had never met Kinew, dropped a hearty endorsement of Wab.

Kinew kept the fuse on his temper dry, kept the anti-business, critical race theory radical candidates under control, and then waffled to the right by saying he’d continue affordability cheques started by the PCs and getting tough on gangsters.

Marty also looks at the Tory campaign, that needed to run on a happy note of fiscal recovery, health care hiring and a modern economic plan featuring rare earth minerals – but, they didn’t get the tune right.

11.00 – Listener reactions: the election, the results, their disillusionment with Manitoba politics and the social engineering the NDP will undertake to entrench their ideology.

“You thought Selinger was bad.”

“Hopelessly and thoroughly unimpressed with the candidates in my area”

Marty ends with a quote from WinnipegTribune.ca: “Manitobans will have to remain vigilant, active participants in the democratic process to ensure that their province prospers and that any potential mistakes are rectified in due course.”

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20:40 Part 2 – Election officials screw-up

Miracle of miracles, the Editor of the Free Press and TGCTS agree on something! Elections Manitoba makes “conspiracy theories” look good by insisting it was “a free and fair election” after broken voting machines, delayed vote counts, and “dodging the media on the day after a provincial general election.” One candidate relayed a serious problem with proving the vote counts are accurate.

33.40 – Corus Media screws up even worse

Marty was at Dougald Lamont’s last campaign appearance on Monday and watched his departure from the political scene after a bitter defeat on election night.

Global TV and CJOB made his night even worse with the single worst election night interview in broadcast history. We have the audio of Lamont’s reaction to what was said to him live on air, and how the Global panel tried to hide their embarrassment.

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