We Catch Up With Vlad Sobolev of Hugs Over Masks & We Are All Essential

Vlad has been working all over the country to empower businesses to open up and not be destroyed by the tyrannical restrictions and mandates. See all of Vlads incredible work here – WE ARE ALL ESSENTIAL

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  1. Daniel on February 10, 2022 at 1:50 pm

    Good stuff! The earth is flat and at rest and it matters AND have you heard of orin therapy? Also known as “You’re In”! Also known as urine! It is a shocker, but WE NEED IT! The WORLD needs it! Think about it! HOW MANY PEOPLE are UNAWARE that they ALWAYS have access to CLEAN WATER! And not just clean! MIRACULOUS! STEM CELLS! Check out John the Engineer Turmel and his “Pee Pee Power to the Poor People” videos! In fact, I excuse me while I FINISH watching those! <3

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