Sept 21 2023- What’s In A Name? Ask Nahanni Fontaine.

Do voters have a right to know who their candidates were, as well as who they are, before they cast their ballots on October 3?

The question of identity politics in Manitoba is again the topic- in Episode 11, we ask why some candidates get put under the microscope but others get a free ride from the MSM.

Part 1 – Kirkfield Park is a constituency where two opposing candidates have undergone various changes to their personal lives, and how they represent who they are.

NDP candidate Logan Oxenham has changed their gender, took hormones, and changed their name to adopt a male persona. No one is allowed to question their decisions or their motives.

Meanwhile, PC incumbent Kevin Klein declared an affinity with his mother’s mixed-blood Ontario heritage, and was pilloried by the media and far-left activists like Oxenham who falsely claimed Klein’s ‘Metis’ label had to meet the approval of the MMF- which we have already explained is utter nonsense.

A CBC “investigation” discovered Klein had changed his name

in the 1990’s – long before he entered politics.

Critics asserted he should have disclosed that before running for the Legislature. But as Marty Gold reveals, the media has failed to report that Klein isn’t the only MLA who can be questioned by voters about their name and identity.

What’s in a name? Ask Nahanni Fontaine.

14:05 Part 2- Going door-to-door to solicit support for her re-election in St. Johns, Nahanni Fontaine was “really concerned” to see hundreds of signs for the upstart independent, Patrick Allard.

The explanation her assistant voiced sheds light on why she’s been forced to hit the hustings and risk being seen in the riding by voters. Her attacks on Allard, a contractor, from her pricy Lindenwoods home backfired with voters who noticed she didn’t even bother to rent a local campaign space and contribute to the local economy, which Allard does every day.

Hear what she’s been told at the doorstep, the questions she won’t answer about Wab Kinew, and the total neglect one resident gets when they email their 2-term MLA asking for help.

Support local reporting⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

Self-interest has always been paramount in building her identity as a role model who always ‘follows the rules’ and works hard for aboriginals and the little people. Especially, when she didn’t.

Hear how she rang up the taxpayers tab when she ignored a court fine as Justice critic. The First Nations leaders and organizations Nahanni Fontaine protected when she was “aboriginal women’s advisor”, and how it connected to Wab Kinew; A year later, Gordon Sinclair wrote about her manipulations to protect Kinew from domestic assault allegations: Indigenous MLA’s attempt at damage control too little, too late

Fontaine once claimed Winnipeg police were rapists right in front of Chief Ewatski at a public forum. An eyewitness wrote:

“Like Wab Kinew, she has been elevated to positions of influence by power brokers… who have protected their starlets despite reckless and irresponsible behaviour past and present.”

Listen to her history as a Marxist academic/activist ⁠who told Australia ⁠”it’s the children that is our motivation”, yet called for⁠⁠ a boycott of white businesses⁠⁠ and continued to make racist anti-white comments as an MLA, smearing white doctors and nurses.

And, voters still ⁠remember her bashing Christians⁠ – the MSM doesn’t report on that, or…

41:52 Part 3 – The argument was raised that Kevin Klein wasn’t always a “Klein” and wasn’t always ‘Elvis’. Critics insinuated he had something to hide. But, his name change and Oxenham’s now pop up on a Google search. Whose doesn’t?

It turns out that Nahani wasn’t always ‘Nahanni’ and she wasn’t always “Fontaine” either.

Did the media ever mention her name change? Not that we could find. It was a surprise to 2 senior MLA’s when we first asked them about it- in 2016.

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