Concerned Parents Removed From Public Library Board Meeting

Christine talks to Curt about what a large group of concerned parents plan to accomplish by going to the Library Board meeting at the South Central Regional Library in Winkler, MB.
Shortly after this interview the group of concerned parents and community members was kicked out of the public meeting as the meeting was shut down due to “public misconduct.” Simply for the act of showing up and asking questions about pornographic images being made available for children.

This is what took place at the meeting.
Video filmed by Rick Wall.

Rick Wall, the man who became well known as the trucker who started both the slow roll of the US/Canada border at Emerson MB and then the blockading of that border and Broadway at the Manitoba Legislative is also making waves as a parent concerned with the pornographic content in his local library. He is getting other concerned parents and community members together to ask city council some questions.

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