Top 5 Podcast Headlines about the Winnipeg election / CTV’s “Dewey Defeats Truman” Redux

Our election wrap-up is the theme of Episode 24 – and we look at the results, the campaigns, the media coverage, and we point out THE headline that Winnipeg media has dared not utter. Hear what the result really meant about 34.00 in. And CTV gets spanked for their ‘Decision Desk’ faux pas and non-apology.

First- Marty walked past the Glen Murray HQ windows around noon on the way to Enterprise Rent A Car at 283 Ellice, who provided an election day Spark and great pricing and service. What did he see?

7:00 Our top 5 headlines of the election campaign – Kenny is surprised at how on the nose we were right from the start. Plus, one more headline still in play because of a broken Murray promise. Then we take apart some often vapid statements of the local political science talking heads, who seriously devalued their standing in the public eye in this election.

Hear the description of the Pembina Institute allegations by an independent media outlet. They were damn serious but aside from CBC (that broke the story), none of the corporate newsrooms dared spell out the scope of Glen Murray’s misconduct (ie the word ‘pelvis’). Spirited Kenny has an idea why the Pembina allegations stuck, even after one pillar of poli-sci said scandals from outside of Winnipeg wouldn’t matter to voters.

Marty talks about the Murray campaign on E-Day – robocalls galore; insider words about what went wrong; and what took their focus off of Gillingham.

27:50 Bartley Kives of CBC had a great story of the march to election day. We elaborate on the Bowman (non) factor, the rejection by voters of the union endorsements for Murray, the winning Gillingham strategy, the failed attempt of the elitists to recapture the 1990’s, and the shame a whole lot of big money Conservatives should feel.

33:08 The heat map – where the votes fell around the neighborhoods. The obvious headline about the result we’d hear if this was Vancouver. A commentary by The Daily Scrum had smart and different observations about the CBC debate, some of which ties in with our coverage. They reflected on poor MSM coverage and the outsize influence of inaccurate polls and misleading headlines early in the campaign. It’s tilting the playing field and works against voters but the perps aren’t accountable.

43:54 Part 2 – update

50:04 Let’s talk about the media. Dan Lett wants to talk about voter suppression and disengagement? We talk about how the Free Press and a lot of other newsrooms should look in the mirror. Kenny has thoughts about another highbrow far-left columnist whose reason for supporting Glen Murray was- to spite the media investigating his misdeeds. With attitudes like that, the touting of “front-runner” Murray based on a garbage poll, pumping divisive narratives, entitled smarminess – trust in a lot of the Winnipeg media took a big hit. We analyze the subjects and issues we raised- especially the Caledon scandal that MSM almost all ignored. Yet it was important enough for Scott Gillingham to toss at Glen Murray in the CBC debate.

1:07:10 Hear CTV anchor Marilee Caruso’s lecture that the Gillingham campaign was wrong not to concede, because the “Decision Desk” said Murray won. Kenny was watching online and has an excellent description of the on-set mayhem. Guess what? CTV never mentioned Caledon in the campaign.

1:15:09 An overview of the City Council results, and media failures. Why was the media so un-curious about ol’ Glen?

For TGCTS, history repeats itself. We will be back weekly, with 3 specific City Hall interviews being planned- starting with the new Mayor, Scott Gillingham.

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