Winnipeg’s Greeks & Ukrainians Outraged About Violent Attacks

The Crime Courts and Public Safety update goes behind the headlines in Episode 11, asking the question: What kind of society are we becoming?

Part 1- A brief recap of our last podcast, 100 Days Of Wab.

A listener pointed out that Kinew posted a promotional video that seemed to agree with us- the Premier’s got almost nothing to brag about since taking over the Legislature.

6:07 Part 2- There’s allegations that a botched ambulance response helped seal the fate of restaurant owner Kyriakos Vogiatzakis. Winnipeg’s MSM still hasn’t told you.

Ask yourself why.

We update our coverage with an eyewitness account of how the restaurant staff rushed out to help, the horror they felt, and how long it took for emergency responders to arrive at the Cork and Flame.

“Eighteen minutes”

Only TGCTS has told the public about this shocking delay.

And only our podcast has aired the speech by Mike Vogiatzakis stating that the defibrillator in the ambulance was not working, and so a second ambulance was called in.

Marty Gold recounts how City Hall heard in 2019, that for the first time 911 calls for ambulances were queuing up instead of being dispatched. Have things gotten better since then? Why not?

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The criminal background of the accused killer wasn’t enough, despite 12 previous convictions for breaching court orders and numerous violent offences, to keep Curtis Dalebozik in custody.

Instead, over 700 mourners had to attend a funeral at St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church on Wednesday.

They wonder what Provincial Court Judge Donald Slough, who

in November sentenced Dalebozik to 12 months of supervised probation – which he breached the next day – would say if he was asked, “What if it was YOUR brother?”

23:10 Part 3- A Ukrainian couple who fled to Winnipeg seeking a safe home were at a bus stop around midnight with their groceries this week. Now they’re added to the list of refugees attacked on the street, after the husband was shot in the eye.

Marty Gold presents a series of questions, including who are the parents or guardians responsible for the 14 and 17 year old boys charged with robbery? What instructions or warnings have the 25,000 refugees now here from Ukraine received about their safety?

So far they have learned The Forks isn’t safe on Canada Day, and that Elmwood isn’t safe at 8 AM. Now they know bus stops on Burrows aren’t either. They wonder, did they move to live in Winnipeg, or are they living in Detroit?

We’ve heard the concern about violent criminals from the Greek and Ukrainian communities and will continue to be their voice.

Safety concerns aren’t just on our streets- City Hall is also debating adding security measures, and we’ll be asking more questions of councilors wanting security measures paid by taxpayers who can’t afford to protect themselves.

36.30- A snapshot of the kind of violent criminals running around Flin Flon.

Again, teenage girls are included. Who are their parents?


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