The Yellow Deli Speaks Out At Gimli Freedom Event

Manitobans took part in another Worldwide Freedom Rally, this time taking the event out to Gimli Manitoba. Here are some of the many speakers from that day.
One of the speakers was from the Yellow Deli in Winnipeg. An excellent, community run restaurant and shop.
From the Yelow Deli website –
“After opening as a small storefront in 2013, we have gradually been adding to our seating (and menu) to be able to offer you the kind of care and service that you have come to know from us over the years. Starting as the Common Ground on Osborne in 1995, to the Sherbrook Common Ground from 2001 to 2009, we have found our new home (and name) right in the downtown of St. Boniface
Come on in for a wonderful steamed sandwich, a salad, a tasty treat, or just a friendly conversation with friends!
We love you Winnipeg!”
Check them out here –

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